Collection: Private Label Rights (PLR) and Done For You (DFY) Products

Explore our collection of Ready-to-Use Journal Kits crafted to inspire your creativity and help launch and grow your business! Make sure to visit daily for our latest additions!

Our PLR (Private Label Rights) feature grants you complete ownership of the artwork and journal content, allowing you to claim it as your own.

This means you have the freedom to resell as-is, publish through platforms like KDP or Lulu, or utilize it as a digital product - the choice is yours! Each set is provided as a customizable Canva template, enabling you to modify fonts, content, rearrange pages, alter covers, and more. Express yourself!

Journal Kits Include (please read each product description contents of kit):

  • Exceptional AI-generated Art
  • Creative Journal Pages
  • Included Affirmations and/or Journal Prompts
  • Themed Mindset Content
  • PLR Licensing
  • Effortlessly Rebrand, Add Pages, and Personalize with the Canva Template

Embrace your unique style and make each piece your own!

**Only one of each product is available unless otherwise marked.** 


Frequently Asked Questions

What does PLR stand for?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. This type of license grants you the freedom to edit, rebrand, and sell a product as though it were your creation.

What are DFY products?

DFY means "Done For You." These are products or services that are fully prepared and ready for immediate use by the buyer.

Can I modify the DFY journals I purchase?

Absolutely! The beauty of PLR products is that you're encouraged to tailor them as you see fit. This includes altering the design, adding your brand, or even changing the content.

Is it possible to resell the DFY journals as-is?

Yes, you can. When you purchase a DFY journal with PLR rights, you have the option to resell it as it is or customize it to your preference.

Are there any usage restrictions for the DFY journals I purchase?

No restrictions at all. You are free to use the journals however you like, whether for personal use, selling as a digital or physical product, or transforming them into other types of products.

Can I use content from the DFY journals to create other items?

Definitely! You have the flexibility to transform the content into various other forms, like eBooks, courses, blog posts, or any other product you wish to create.

Do I need to pay royalties or ongoing fees for selling the DFY journals?

No royalties or ongoing fees are required. Once you own a PLR product, you can sell it endlessly with no additional charges or royalties. All the revenue from the sales is entirely yours.

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